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D.S.Chaube & Associates is an Indian Law Firm having over more than three decades of experience in the legal field representing various clients before different courts of law with the association professional lawyers and advocates for their specialized fields of law practices in India and abroad. Our lawyers are experts in cases such as Service Matter, Debts Recovery, Property, Divorce, Family Law, Consumer Protection etc. We are experts in drafting of writ petition, drafting of agreements.

We work round the clock to provide the finest legal service to our clients. Because of the guidance and experience provided by our seniors, we are able to quickly and efficiently advise on even the most complex legal issues and on any matter.

We believe in building a long term professional relationship with our clients and seek to maintain the same with your organization. Constant evolution is our motto which shall help us chart new paths. In providing legal assistance to your esteemed organization it shall be our constant endeavor to leave no stone upturned to satisfy your needs. Ultimately actions speak louder than words. We look forward to let our actions speak for themselves.

Our network of associates covers most of the major States & Cities of India. Some of the cities are :- Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangluru, Kolkatta, Punjab & Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, U.P. (East)&(West), Uttrakhand, Patna, etc.

Our law firm believes that the Indian Legal System is highly complex, yet there are some extremely simple solutions. Most of the Indian law firm fail to recognize this aspect of practice. Though some of the legal issues are extremely easy to solve and can be settle through negotiations, it seems some Attorneys, law firms and Legal Consultants have developed interest in prolonging and complicating the legal matters. D.S. Chaube& Associates believes in power of explanation and transparency in tackling legal matters.

Also an important aspect that the law firm boost is of having repetitive clients. We believe that worldwide law firms should be candid to its clients on the position of its cases. This has earned us the trust of our clients who have continued to use our legal services for number of years. 90% of the law firms business is through referral work and from repetitive clients.

Another important emphasis that the firm places is on its employees, associates and attorneys. It is the greatest asset and the most important intellectual property that any law firm can possess. Fulfilling Attorneys aspirations and their career goals is of utmost important goal for any law firms and D.S. Chaube & Associates take this goal on highest priority.

Law firm is driven by the strong conviction that a Law firm has to stay ahead of the needs of its clients. To this extent Law firm has always attempted to ensure that the legal problems likely to affect its clients are addressed on a proactive basis. Providing practical business solutions instead of just legal solutions has been our credo. Law firm constantly endeavor to build its expertise to keep pace with the potential gray areas which have posed new challenges to the client.

Law firm's integrated network of professionals in India provides clients with access to the Law firm's full spectrum of capabilities in virtually every area of business law. Whether an issue is local or multi-jurisdictional, practice area specific or inter-disciplinary, It is a Law firm's culture and philosophy to work closely with clients to understand all of their legal needs, and to keep them apprised of legal developments that may affect them while operating in India.

Law firm provides relevant legal services expertly, promptly and in a cost-effective manner to assist clients in achieving their business objectives. Law firm is widely known as a pragmatic, constructive and result-oriented firm. Law firm's practice groups are at the leading edge of India's legal developments. Law firm makes full use of our experienced support personnel and the latest technology to improve the productivity of its lawyers.

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